DMC CrossFit trusts PushPress for their billing and gym management software needs.
CrossFit Radiance loves PushPress for their billing and gym management software.
Surf City Athletics if anohter CrossFit affiliate using our gym manamagement software.
Torrance CrossFit is one of the flagship CrossFit affiliates using our billing, scheduling, goal tracking and gym management system.
FuBarbell trusts PushPress to manage all of their seminar bookings, merchandise and product sales, ticketing for events and calendaring.
Free+Style trusts PushPress to manage all of their seminar bookings, ticketing for events, merchandise and product sales, and calendaring.


Good business means developing intelligent insights into your business’ situation, and strategically planning for the future of your company. Our software will help.

Effortlesssly manage your recurring billing for your CrossFit or fitness facility using PushPress Recurring Billing
Sell and manage products using PushPress gym management system. Product Sales
Take credit card payments with one easy to understand rate using our recurring billing and payment processing features. Credit Card Processing
Manage your CrossFit or fitness facility schedule using our Calendar. Class Management
Seemlesly integrates with your Wordpress website. Website Integration
PushPress gym management and billing platform keeps and stores your important data on the cloud, so it cannot be lost. Cloud Services
Metrics & Reports
Workout Tracking
Lead Funnel & Conversion
Digital Waivers & Contracts


Spend more time coaching & working out while we handle all of your back office duties.



Push and pull data between PushPress and...

  • Accounting Software
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Staff Messaging and Communication
  • Staff ToDo lists
  • and more.

From Our Blog

Shaking Up The Industry: Why we might not want you as a client.

This is going to be a series of posts about how we’re working to shake up the industry of Gym Management and Billing Software.   Each of these posts also apply to your gym - because our businesses are very much the same at the core.   Read the series to find out more and how it applies to you.Our Sales Process Is Backwards And Yours Should Be ToWhen someone initiates a sales inquiry with us, our entire process is to help us (and them) figure out if we’re NOT a good fit for them.  Every business is different and we understand we’re not a perfect fit for everyone.  We want to work with people who ARE a good fit for us.If we try to slam every potential client into our business, we will end up spending a disproportionate amount of time trying to help clients who will likely end up leaving us anyways.  And if we do that, we won’t be spending that time working with clients who WILL stay with us.10 Minutes To Hear Your NeedsOur initial 10 minute sales call with you will be us listening to you, not the other way around.  We need to know what your specific needs are in order to determine if we are a good fit for you.  It will not be 10 minutes of us selling you on what we do - because what matter is it what we do if it doesn’t line up with what you need?40 Minute Demo To Prove We Hit Your NeedsIf we determine you’re not fit for us, we often will recommend a system we feel is best for you after this quick 10 minute call.  Only if we do fit your needs will we move forward to a 40 minute demo where you can see the system (no point wasting your time if we don’t fit!)  This demo is tailored to your needs, as previously discussed.  This gives you the chance to see if our solutions to your problems are suffice - and allows us to work thru your problems in person with you.   Most systems will take you thru a scripted sales pitch, showcasing their “coolest” features - but again - what’s the point of you seeing things you might not even need?30 Day Free Trial Is Where Rubber Meets Road Many other systems don’t even offer a 30 day free trial - but we feel it’s imperative in making sure we are the right fit for you.  During this “dating period”, we work with you to make sure we’re holding up our end of the bargain in making your life easier as a gym owner. No Contracts.Some of our competitors will try to increase the “lock” on your business by requiring contracts.  We do just the opposite.  There’s no contracts with PushPress, so entering into business with us, is completely at-will and you have the option at any time you find we don’t meet your needs to move on to something that fits you better.Bring This Back To Your GymEverything we do here at PushPress is rooted in the concepts of good service business.  We own gyms, so we know many of the fundamentals we apply here business wise also hold true within your gym.Approach each potential client as someone you need to help, and understanding their needs is the first step to helping.   Resist the urge to tell them about all your accolades and credentials unless they ask - rather ask them questions on first consultation.  Let their answers guide your process.  Show them exactly how you can solve their problems, or refer them to someone who can.   Trust me, your potential clients will be astounded if you’re genuinely looking out for their best interests, even if they don’t end up one of your clients.Want To See The Magic Happen?Curious what it’s like to go thru a sales process where we’re actively trying to disqualify you? Even if you’re not interested in our software, maybe give it a shot, to see how you can apply this to your gym sales process.  Click here to get started with a 10 minute quick consultation!And we’ll throw in this video just for a little fun. PushPress Athlete - Jamie Hagiya messin’ around at the box.

Who We Are; What We Do;  Why We Do It.

It’s been a while since we’ve been writing more frequently, so we thought we could re-introduce ourselves.Our mission: To provide each one of our clients with an unfair advantage in their local marketplace.  To make our clients look and run more professionally.Since day one, we’ve taken a really hard look at how a business system should really work in a gym.  And by hard look, I don’t mean “check out what the competition has done” but exactly the opposite, because we felt (and still feel) most of the competition completely misses the mark.So instead of being yet-another-gym-management system (YAGMS), we’ve pushed to rethink how it’s all done from the ground up.  Quite frankly we have the ability to do this because the principles and founders of PushPress own gyms ourselves.Let that sink in.We’re not suits who see an opportunity.  We’re not gym member / code monkeys who fell in love with their gym and wanted to make YAGMS.We’re not a single owner who felt she could outdo the market.  Our team is comprised 5 gym owners (or ex-owners) who have a combined gym ownership experience of 28 years.  We are deeply embedded in the community, and we are pushing to make PushPress the best management system just as hard as you are pushing to make your gym the best gym.Our intention is to keep PushPress a small, nimble team that can leverage experience, technology, and expertise to build a truly great product, without all the bloat.Our goal is to similarly let you enjoy massive scales of economy.  Every day we focus on one major thing - How to allow you to get the most work done in the minimal amount of time.  We do this thru intelligent design, intuitive and simple interfaces, and a whole lot of sorcery behind the scenes.We take the time to help our owners.  We always help in areas we should -  setting up and maintaining their PushPress and client accounts, but we often help in ways we don’t need to - business advice, mentoring, direction and the sort. When you have people involved in the company who are as knowledgable and passionate as we are, we usually can’t help ourselves.Our emphasis is on streamlining day to day operations for everyone involved. Your ownership,  your staff, and your members.  None of you are interested in toiling with a system - so we believe we stay out of the way as much as possible while making each touchpoint as fast and enjoyable as possible.Our check-in app with integrated waivers. Never have an unwaivered client on the floor again.We want to make you look better, in all ways.  Our entire suite of apps and screens are made, from the ground up to not only functionally serve a purpose, but to make your clients feel great about being a client.  From our stunning screens, to our timer app to our check-in and store systems - we provide you with one unified, professional look that’s tailored to your business.In coming posts, I’ll speak to how we are looking to achieve each of these concepts in detail, but for now - thank you for the time to get to know us.  If you have 10 minutes and want to let us know a little more about you, we’d love to hear it!  Join us for a quick call to let us hear about your business and see if we can help you!