DMC CrossFit trusts PushPress for their billing and gym management software needs.
CrossFit Radiance loves PushPress for their billing and gym management software.
Surf City Athletics if anohter CrossFit affiliate using our gym manamagement software.
Torrance CrossFit is one of the flagship CrossFit affiliates using our billing, scheduling, goal tracking and gym management system.
FuBarbell trusts PushPress to manage all of their seminar bookings, merchandise and product sales, ticketing for events and calendaring.
Free+Style trusts PushPress to manage all of their seminar bookings, ticketing for events, merchandise and product sales, and calendaring.


Good business means developing intelligent insights into your business’ situation, and strategically planning for the future of your company. Our software will help.

Effortlesssly manage your recurring billing for your CrossFit or fitness facility using PushPress Recurring Billing
Sell and manage products using PushPress gym management system. Product Sales
Take credit card payments with one easy to understand rate using our recurring billing and payment processing features. Credit Card Processing
Manage your CrossFit or fitness facility schedule using our Calendar. Class Management
Seemlesly integrates with your Wordpress website. Website Integration
PushPress gym management and billing platform keeps and stores your important data on the cloud, so it cannot be lost. Cloud Services
Metrics & Reports
Workout Tracking
Lead Funnel & Conversion
Digital Waivers & Contracts


Spend more time coaching & working out while we handle all of your back office duties.



Push and pull data between PushPress and...

  • Accounting Software
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Staff Messaging and Communication
  • Staff ToDo lists
  • and more.

From Our Blog

Up Your Social and Internet Marketing Game with PushPress

On July 16th, 2016 Facebook made a huge change to their Pixel. If you haven’t used the Facebook pixel yet, its a super powerful tool that will help you market to Facebook and Instagram users.Here’s a quick synopsis of what the Facebook Pixel can do:Audience Collection - By adding a Facebook Pixel to your website, you can automatically start to curate an audience of people you can market to.  Conversion Tracking - By adding appropriate conversion tracking code to your website after key events happen, you can “tag” conversions as they occur. You can also send values for each conversion, helping you determine if marketing campaigns are successful.Campaign Optimization - If you have pixels running correctly, you can set you ad campaigns to optimize for conversion.  This will allow Facebook to optimize your ads for users who are likely to convert.Automatic Facebook Pixel Implementation With PushPressUsing our suite of tools, you can easily implement the Facebook Pixel in 5 seconds, and have it running on every touchpoint of your business.   The great part of using our system, is you don’t need to know a lick of code - we do it all for you!By simply adding your pixel ID to the PushPress Integrations page, we will automatically:Begin tracking your audience for you, allowing you to start re-marketing Facebook and Instagram ads to people who have already shown interest in your business.Automatically track conversion events as they happen.  This allows Facebook to optimize your campaigns for users that are more likely to convert.Send real time conversion values back to Facebook.   This gives Facebook the data needed to let you know if your ads campaigns are successful.  Advanced Matching TechnologyWe’ve gone the extra mile for you with this one. (Like we always do).  Whenever a user fills out a form on any of our Landing Pages, we will cookie them and begin to perform Facebook’s Advanced Matching Optimizations.  This technology allows us to tell Facebook who the user is, giving them additional data to make audience recommendations and conversion optimizations against.Facebook has found that advertisers using Advanced Matching Pixels observed over 10% increase in attributed conversions and 20% increase in reach of retargeting campaigns. Get Started Today!PushPress Clients not already using the new Facebook Pixel technology, get started now!  Simply follow these steps:Go to your business page for your gym.Go to your pixel page and create a pixel.Copy and paste that pixel ID into your Settings -> Integrations -> Facebook Pixel ID and save.If you have our wordpress plugin installed, make sure it’s updated to at least version 1.5.4 (released today).  This will include the pixel on each page of your blog.(optional) Take out a Facebook or Instagram ad, and have that ad use your Pixel as the tracking pixel.Want To Find Out More? Jump on a quick 10 minute call with a PushPress Representative today to see if we’re a good fit for your business.

How To Shit-Proof Your Baby’s Bed

It’s 1am, and your 3 year old has a massive stomach bug.  You’re not sure what’s going on, but you’re about 90% certain he’s either going to have a blow out or puke on the brand new mattress you bought him a few months ago.  In times like these, it would be prudent to take the time to shit-proof your bed. Don’t leave anything to fate or luck.While no one ever knows when a disaster might strike, it’s always keen to be prepared in case a disaster does strike.  After all, you never know when one routine system update might completely take your system offline.  Planning For DoomsdayEvery system, including PushPress is presumably built upon redundant and secure backup systems and procedures, but if you lack confidence in this - it would be best to take matters in your own hands.The best plan of attack is to have redundant backups ready, in the event of any catastrophic failure.  Below are a few things you can implement to have this backup ready.Make frequent backups of your membership roster.  More than likely your management system offers a download of your membership roster.  This should include client information as well as what membership plan they are on, the last/next billing dates, and other pertinent information you might need to recreate your member roster.  If your system allows for this, create a schedule where you download your data periodically and save the file with a name including the date you downloaded it, so you will have quick and easy reference if you need it. Hopefully this is a single file to download like PushPress has and not digging through multiple reports to get this.Bookmark the system “backup URL”.  This should be actually step 1b.  Just in case your system ever disables the ability to export your member data, bookmark the URL you used to generate the report in step 1.  Often times, in less secure systems, links will simply be removed from navigation, but the destination pages will still exist. Some companies have the belief that they own your data, and might remove downloadable backup links at any time.  Bookmark the report URL as a backup measure to this.Sync to Mailchimp.  If your platform allows for it, connect and sync to any other third party “list” system. This will allow you keep a separate list of member information hosting elsewhere that should be updated in semi-real time fashion. Again, hopefully this 3rd party list auto updates as new members come in like PushPress does it, not a manual process.Remove all sensitive information and save your backups to a cloud drive. Make sure to remove any information that might be sensitive and then have it saved to a cloud storage solution.  This will enable you to access your backups from anywhere and you remove the possibility of losing your backups due to a local hard drive failure.Ultimately, it’s your systems job to keep your data intact and your business operational. However, just like in real life, it is your job to make sure you have contingencies planned for in the event the zombies come.   The less confidence you have in your system, the more important it is to heed your intuition and plan for the potential. Better safe than sorry!Click Here To See How PushPress Is BetterIf you would like to spend 10 minutes on a quick phone call with us and see if PushPress can be a better solution for you - we would love to talk to you!  In over 3 years of operation, our uptime is an astounding 99.9953% and we do not believe extended or unexpected downtime is acceptable.