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The first all inclusive membership management solution

Spend more time coaching your athletes. We will handle everything else.

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30 minutes to understand the whole system

Let Kimi walk you through our system. It's really easy enough to to figure out yourself - but Kimi can take you thru the whole system in mere minutes. This is also a good chance to consult with her about how PushPress can solve existing problems you have.

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Zero Cost

For a Limited Time

Sign up now and we will never charge you for our standard services. We will grandfather you into this for the lifetime of your business. This is our introductory special, you would be straight up nuts not to take advantage of this saving you thousands per year.

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Digital Waivers

Built Into The Signup Process

Digital waivers can be signed when your athlete signs up online or as they check-in for the first time on our iPad check-in app. We make sure this everyone has signed the waiver so you don’t have to sweat it.

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Sell Merchandise

Really, Really Quickly. Really.

Point of purchase transactions! We got that covered. Either log on through a desktop or laptop or you can use our free iPhone app to charge existing members. After all, you have all their billing info on file, we are just here to make transactions fast and easy.

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For Coaches and Athletes

Our calendar can setup your class schedule to be published through our Wordpress plugin and also used to manage who is coaching what class. Reserving classes for members will be coming shortly.

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Our Clients Love Us

But we love them more!

PushPress™ takes a fresh and innovative approach to helping business owners manage their client base. Trying to simplify the often times confusing and labor intensive process of other systems, Push Press is constantly striving to come up with better ways to expedite your back end so you can focus your attention on where it counts most, your audience.
Diane Fu, FuBarbell

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Sell Tickets To Your Events and Competitions

PushPress™ also handles all your event ticketing needs. No need to use a different service for selling event tickets to your existing members or athletes outside your gym. PushPress handles it all, seemlessly.

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Sell Pay As You Go Memberships

Like everything else these are digital too. It’s easy for you to keep track of members sessions with our check-in app. Easy for your members, easy for you.

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