DMC CrossFit trusts PushPress for their billing and gym management software needs.
CrossFit Radiance loves PushPress for their billing and gym management software.
Surf City Athletics if anohter CrossFit affiliate using our gym manamagement software.
Torrance CrossFit is one of the flagship CrossFit affiliates using our billing, scheduling, goal tracking and gym management system.
FuBarbell trusts PushPress to manage all of their seminar bookings, merchandise and product sales, ticketing for events and calendaring.
Free+Style trusts PushPress to manage all of their seminar bookings, ticketing for events, merchandise and product sales, and calendaring.


Good business means developing intelligent insights into your business’ situation, and strategically planning for the future of your company. Our software will help.

Effortlesssly manage your recurring billing for your CrossFit or fitness facility using PushPress Recurring Billing
Sell and manage products using PushPress gym management system. Product Sales
Take credit card payments with one easy to understand rate using our recurring billing and payment processing features. Credit Card Processing
Manage your CrossFit or fitness facility schedule using our Calendar. Class Management
Seemlesly integrates with your Wordpress website. Website Integration
PushPress gym management and billing platform keeps and stores your important data on the cloud, so it cannot be lost. Cloud Services
Metrics & Reports
Workout Tracking
Lead Funnel & Conversion
Digital Waivers & Contracts


Spend more time coaching & working out while we handle all of your back office duties.



Push and pull data between PushPress and...

  • Accounting Software
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Staff Messaging and Communication
  • Staff ToDo lists
  • and more.

From Our Blog

Some Clarity Regarding PushPress (us) and PPL (not us)

.Over the years of building and running PushPress, there’s a few constants:We get to meet a ton of awesome gym owners, get to understand their unique businesses, and help them in their path to success.We get to meet a bunch of owners at the CrossFit games because its always in our back yard here in Torrance… errrr wait a minute.We save gym owners a lot of time, so they can spend more time on the gym floor, which is usually why they became an owner in the 1st place.We get confused with another company, which used to have a similar name to our Trademarked name, PushPress.The BackstoryA few years ago, we were tipped off to Push Press Labs because they posted something on twitter that upset CrossFit HQ.  In CrossFit HQ’s response to it, they tagged us.Naturally this concerned us that we were being mixed up with someone else’s business, so we looked into it.  We decided that as a company, Push Press Labs did not reflect the type of company we would want to be associated with, so we began a conversation with them asking them to stop using our trademarked name in an identical market, as it was causing consumer confusion.Generally speaking, we’re pretty chill folks here and we only take this step if we felt the values and direction of the other company didn’t jive with ours.  They complied, changing their name to PPL.  We were NOT thrilled with this, because we knew that meant they would continue operating as “Push Press Labs”, and just changed the outward facing name of their organization to an abbreviation - But as I said above, we’re not for causing undue stress on others, so we decided to just let it go at that.Over the years, multiple times per month, I find myself letting someone know we aren’t PPL.  Generally speaking, I think the only time someone comes to me to discuss PPL, it’s out of a dispute or issue they have with the company, so I’m sure I get a very skewed representation of their business - but every time I have to let them know we’re not PPL and they’re not us.This is concerning to us, obviously, because if we only hear about things from time to time, and generally when someone has an issue or a complaint, we begin to wonder how many people see our brand and automatically assume we are PPL.  For the record, we are not PPL. They are not us. Our business interactions with clients are not indicative of each other.

The Great Merchant Account Rip Off Continues

If you’d like to have your statements analyzed to see how bad (or good?) your merchant account is, go here now.Last year, I helped about 30 gym owners go thru their merchant account statements (results/findings were posted here).  Our goal in this is simple: Help gyms owners realize exactly what’s going on with their merchant accounts by explaining - in plain english - what they’re paying.Merchant account statements, and all the ways they charge you are purposefully confusing.  The more confusing - the more ways they can hide fees - and the less likely you will be able to figure it out.Here we are one year later, and from the sample of gym owners I ran this year, I think things actually got WORSE.Here’s a snapshot of the findings:Everyone thought they were getting a great rate. None were.  ZERO of the reviews I did were within one full percentage point of the rate they reported that they were quoted when signing up.  Every review I did who submitted an original price quote had a rate under 2%.  Every review I did had an actual rate of over 3%.  In fact, most were close to 4%.Everyone was paying over 3.25%.  While most merchant sales people sell the lowest rate they possible might charge (what sticks in your head), the reality is you’re usually paying a much higher rate due to variable rates most owners ignore.   On average the reviews I performed came in at 3.5375% including transaction fees.Almost all had a plethora of hidden fees.  This is the part that pisses me off. I saw numerous statements where it really looked like they were paying around 2% in fees, but hidden away were another 1.7% in fees, on average.  These fees are hidden either directly to the bank statement or deeper in the merchant statement itself.  For example AMEX shows up as a 1.69% fee on the merchant statement, but then another 1.71% would come thru billed directly to a bank statement!Many had great variances from month to month.  This one, for the life of me, makes no sense.  Merchant accounts typically bill a rate based on the type of card it is.  For instance a rewards card might run 2.8% while a debit card might run 2.2%.  In this business we deal with the same people, who generally have one credit card on file.  We all doing recurring billing, and generally the mix of cards used shouldn’t change drastically.  I saw some statements vary in fees by as much as $150 month over month.  This significant change in cash flow, for no real reason is concerning to me.PushPress beat them, every time - except one. In literally every single review I did, from gyms of all make ups and sizes, PushPress beat them every time, except one.  That one gym we didn’t come in at a lower price on was a massive gym with tremendous billing volume and a very savvy owner.  He was on a system that continually was turning back 4.0% fees for the gyms we reviewed, but he was able to get 3.28% (We came in at 3.30% after transaction fees.. but at his volume that represented a decent annual amount).  All in all, after reviewing this year with last years, I would have to say nothing has changed.  There’s still all kinds of sneaky stuff going on in the industry, and owners seem to remain oblivious to it, or accept it as ok.If you would like to have your statement analyzed - feel free to head here and join in on the great experiment!We at PushPress disagree with how the merchant account industry is run, that is why we partnered with Stripe, and Stripe alone.  They don’t play games with the pricing, they don’t have sales people who stand to make financial gain the more they rip you off.  They don’t have variable rates that change from month to month, and they don’t have a SINGLE hidden fee.You can, at any time, understand your fees by doing one simple calculation:   (Total billed * 0.029) + (number of charges * 0.30).It’s that simple.