DMC CrossFit trusts PushPress for their billing and gym management software needs.
CrossFit Radiance loves PushPress for their billing and gym management software.
Surf City Athletics if anohter CrossFit affiliate using our gym manamagement software.
Torrance CrossFit is one of the flagship CrossFit affiliates using our billing, scheduling, goal tracking and gym management system.
FuBarbell trusts PushPress to manage all of their seminar bookings, merchandise and product sales, ticketing for events and calendaring.
Free+Style trusts PushPress to manage all of their seminar bookings, ticketing for events, merchandise and product sales, and calendaring.


Good business means developing intelligent insights into your business’ situation, and strategically planning for the future of your company. Our software will help.

Effortlesssly manage your recurring billing for your CrossFit or fitness facility using PushPress Recurring Billing
Sell and manage products using PushPress gym management system. Product Sales
Take credit card payments with one easy to understand rate using our recurring billing and payment processing features. Credit Card Processing
Manage your CrossFit or fitness facility schedule using our Calendar. Class Management
Seemlesly integrates with your Wordpress website. Website Integration
PushPress gym management and billing platform keeps and stores your important data on the cloud, so it cannot be lost. Cloud Services
Metrics & Reports
Workout Tracking
Lead Funnel & Conversion
Digital Waivers & Contracts


Spend more time coaching & working out while we handle all of your back office duties.



Push and pull data between PushPress and...

  • Accounting Software
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Staff Messaging and Communication
  • Staff ToDo lists
  • and more.

From Our Blog

The Two Actionable Items You Can Do Today To Thrive In 2016.

Family Feud Time:In any and every service based business - what’s the #1 way one to succeed?Time’s up.  Survey says, #1 Answer: Referrals.Provide your clients with amazing service, and obtain a referral.The bottom line is this: think thru all of the service businesses you use.  We’re talking restaurants, accountants, mechanics, and real estate agents.  How many of them do you choose strictly on chance?And when you do choose them strictly on chance, how often are you left unhappy?Service Is King. Referrals Follow.If you think you’re going to build a successful gym on referrals while overlooking the needs of your members, you will be quickly humbled.  This business really isn’t rocket science from one angle:Provide amazing results for your clients, and prompt your successful clients for referrals, and you will do well.There is an almost endless supply of people in the world who need better fitness.  Do your part in that equation, and you will be part of the finite demand to fill that supply.Why Most Gyms Fail At ThisThere are a couple reasons why most gyms fail at this seemingly simple concept. Let’s state it once again, and then dissect it:Provide amazing results for your clients, and prompt your successful clients for referrals, and you will do well.Provide Amazing Results.  The Devil is in the details.  If you do not define a goal, you cannot achieve a quantifiable result in your clients mind.  Sure, many of your clients have an understanding that today they are much fitter than they were last year.  But if you cannot give them a simple and measurable result they can speak to - you’re at BEST hoping they can understand it well enough to tell someone else.How can you achieve this today?  sit down with your clients and ask them one simple question:  “What do you want to achieve?”Think for one moment how powerful it would be to you if someone took the time to ask you how they can help you - and then delivered on it. Work with your clients to help them find and achieve their goals.  Give them a clearly defined talking point they can take to their Holiday dinners with.   You can bet they will be talking about it.Prompting For Referrals. How many of you actually prime and prompt your client base for referrals?Many times us gyms owners do not value our worth enough.  You don’t know how many times I have a prospective client in the gym telling me they wanted to join another gym - but that gym owner did not even ask them to join.I was there once. At my last gym we had the “anti-sell”.  We disliked the typical gym sales process so much we purposefully left potential clients alone to make an “unbiased decision, free from sales efforts”.  What I’ve come to find lately is that is CONFUSING AS HELL to a client.  They’re there to sign up if they like your gym - and you’re not doing your part of the equation to make that happen.Prompting for referrals is the same. Stop bring bashful or timid - if your service is on point, let your clients know you would love to help their friends and loved one.  Sometimes all it takes is just mentioning that - and you unlock a mindset in your clients that is not only beneficial to you - but is beneficial to your client AND their friends.Prime Season Is ComingAre your clients primed to deliver you red-hot leads?  If not, work with as many of them as you can to help them realize goals.  Do not forget to let them know you can help any of their friends and family as well.  These are the two simple, actionable, and effective ways you can significantly improve your gym’s bottom line and your reach into the community.

Card Swipe Functionality Launched

We all know the life of a gym owner is a busy one.  To that end, we are always looking to retool things here to save you another 10 seconds here and there.Today we announce yet another thing we’ve implemented to save you time.  The ability to swipe a card on all Control Panel screens asking for a credit card.To implement this feature, simply pick up any USB card swiper and swipe the card on an “add credit card” screen.  We tested this on a super affordable swiper.  $14.